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Chinese New Year visiting can be sweaty, tiring business. This year, fan in the new year with Vornado’s powerful vortex action. Whether you are tucking into piping hot steamboat, catching up with relatives, or playing mahjong into the night, we have a Vornado for your needs.

Bundle 5 - Vornado 6303DC + 6303DC Air Circulator UP: $698.00 - Vornado Singapore Pte Ltd
The compact and portable 6303DC is perfect if your favourite part of CNY is sitting on the floor playing Blackjack with the cousins.

It uses 80% less energy AND powerfully circulates the air around a whole room, thanks to a state-of-the-art DC motor that has been reinforced specifically for tropical local weather.
Bundle - Vornado 6803DC X 2pc
Eyeing Vornado air circulators for some time now, but uncertain about making the switch away from traditional standing fans?

You need the 6803DC. It packs the full power of our signature vortex air circulation. AND you can still indulge in the nostalgia of a standing fan.