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Dancing Leaves

By Yoshihayato Hiraoka (Hayato) of St Andrew’s Autism Centre

The gentle breeze that cools and soothes, is also a conductor. With every pulse and beat, a quiet rhythm guides its baton and moves the leaves in the forest. And, they dance... read more

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Starlight Ursa

By Narelle Olivia Phoon of St Andrew’s Autism Centre

Drawing inspiration from Narelle’s love for teddy bears and colouring, Starlight Ursa presents that constellation Ursa Major in a starlit evening. Hues of blue —deep, navy, midnight meld with spurts of light to create this dreamy piece. In this art piece, Ursa, the constellation in the... read more

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Bubblegum Breeze

By Josiah Chua

Taking inspiration from the pink and blue hues of a quiet yet romantic sunset view. This design aims to depict an ethereal ambience, with colours of pastel pink and blue infused into a puddle similar to a delicious palette of melted ice cream. To complete... read more

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Vibrant City Bright

By Zhafran Bin Murat of St Andrew’s Autism Centre

True to his lively and friendly nature, Zhafran expressed his love for landscapes, houses and cars with this colourful cityscape art piece. To him, the city is bustling, alive with activities that excite. Amidst the seemingly uniformed buildings and apartments... read more

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